Poor IT hindered evacuation in Afghanistan, says whistleblower

Former students have complained of sexism and racism at University College London’s leading architecture school going back a decade, alleging inappropriate comments were made about appearance and race and female students were sometimes brought to tears.

Amazon outage hits Disney, Netflix and Coinbase

The government has accused universities of unacceptable pressure-selling tactics. One student claimed they made a serious complaint to Bartlett about a unit brief, which was published last year, that they had seen in text and video format.

An interview with iboss, Technology Product Awards finalist

The team subsequently monitored teaching and concluded female students were being treated differently. The institution worked to address this, making improvements in recent years, but did not contact Bartlett alumni to inform them.

NSO spyware used to hack US State Department phones

Aspect of Indigenous creativity is art made as a catalyst for activism and empowerment. But many also oppose the changes that a switch to a post-qualifications system would entail, such as moving A-level exams earlier in the year for grades to be published before applications.

How intelligent automation is making insurance pay

In the creative industry, it’s helpful to know what you’re passionate about and what resources can help you in your work. The move to extend the Tef to individual subjects was criticized by Universities UK, which lobbies on behalf of Britain’s major universities and colleges.


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